Ansell is a diversified global leader in hand and body protection solutions and an integrated manufacturer, innovator and marketer of products on which millions of workers and healthcare professionals rely. For over 125 years, Ansell has delivered advanced protection solutions to people at work and at home, keeping them out of harm’s way. Our expertise, innovative products, and advanced technology give our customers peace of mind and confidence no other brand can deliver.

Healthcare Global Business Unit


The Healthcare GBU manufactures and markets innovative solutions for a wide range of customers, including hospitals, surgical centres, dental surgeries, veterinary clinics, first responders, manufacturers, auto repair shops, chemical plants, laboratories and life science & pharmaceutical companies.

The portfolio includes surgical gloves, single use and examination gloves, clean and sterile gloves and garments, and consumables. It also includes single use gloves used by industrial workers in manufacturing, auto repair, chemical, food processing and other industries.

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Total Revenue $1,190M

Industrial Global Business Unit


The Industrial GBU manufactures and markets high-performance hand and chemical protective clothing solutions
for a wide range of industrial applications.

Ansell protects workers in industries including automotive, chemical, metal fabrication, machinery and equipment, food, construction, mining, oil & gas, utilities, logistics and first responders.

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Total Revenue $763M

* Others predominately consists of revenue from Hércules in relation to turn-out gear for Military & First Responders, molten metal protection garments, fall protection equipment and gloves.


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~1200 PAIRS



  • $1,952.1m


    Adjusted EBIT margin(1) 12.6%

  • $1,189.6m


    EBIT margin 12.7%

  • $762.5m


    EBIT margin 14.0%

  • 90%


(1) Adjusted EBIT margin based on EBIT adjusted to exclude expenses associated with Russia Business Disruption and Exit.

Performance in FY22 – Overview

Performance in FY22 – Overview
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Chairman’s Review

With the crisis phase of the pandemic behind us we are confident that its long-term impact will be to enhance safety awareness and highlight the vital role of high-quality PPE.

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Chief Executive Officer’s Review

Though we have a very impressive record compared to companies in our sector, we are committed to improving our safety performance further in FY23.


A selection of customer stories

A Successful Latex-Free Surgical Glove Conversion


Natural rubber latex allergies continue to pose a risk in hospitals, especially to people unaware of their latex allergies. Despite the clinical evidence supporting the benefits of a latex-free environment, some hospitals have opted to provide non-latex surgical gloves only to staff or patients with a known latex allergy rather than switching gloves across the entire hospital.

A leading teaching hospital in the US using a mix of latex and synthetic surgical gloves partnered with Ansell to assess their facilities’ needs and provide a solution that satisfied the Healthcare worker requirements for sensitivity, comfort, and fit. Despite their intent to convert to a latex-free environment, they were hesitant to change due to potential workflow disruptions.

With Ansell’s Four-Phase Evaluation and Implementation Process, our teams confidently, and with minimal impact on the customer’s daily operations, executed a system-wide trial at eight facilities with a 95% success rate. As a result, this teaching hospital is now 100% latex-free with our GAMMEX® range of synthetic surgical gloves.

Protecting First Responders with MICROFLEX® Lifestar EC


One of the largest cities in the United States has been experiencing significant increases in crime, homelessness, and drug overdoses. Deaths caused by fentanyl, a synthetic opioid 50-100 times more powerful than morphine, have reached all-time highs. First responders resorted to using low-quality PPE during COVID-19 driven supply shortages but needed a higher level of hand protection.

Ansell has a deep understanding of the hazards law enforcement officers, emergency medical technicians, and firefighters face every day. We upgraded first responders to MICROFLEX® Lifestar EC, our best-selling high-risk style, designed for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and certified by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). It is a superior-quality glove featuring extended cuffs and a differentiated 2-colour design for chemical breach detection. It uniquely combines dexterity with reliable protection from chemicals, bloodborne pathogens, and opioids, including fentanyl.

MICROFLEX® Lifestar EC perfectly met the needs of the first responders. They were so satisfied with the glove’s exceptional quality and performance that word spread to other municipalities. As a result, Ansell now holds 85% market share of the EMS vertical across the entire State.

Leading the Way in Protecting Workers in Electric Vehicle Manufacturing


Global sales of electric vehicles (EVs) are rising rapidly thanks in part to an increased interest in the reduction of fossil fuel use by environmentally-conscious consumers. In using energy storage systems such as lithium-ion batteries, these vehicles present a set of safety risks that necessitate the use of specific types of PPE.

An industry-leading EV manufacturer faced the challenge of doing fine detail work on their battery products (over 50V units). The PPE they were using offered little dexterity or comfort, so team members faced challenges in performing the necessary tasks.

By further understanding the manufacturer’s needs, the Ansell team continued the partnership by innovating the next generation of lighter-weight electrical protection for better fit, comfort, and performance. These ActivArmr® electrical protection gloves fit the manufacturer’s needs and are now helping to protect their workers. Ansell has partnered with this manufacturer to also supply a wide range of solutions across the portfolio, protecting against a diverse set of workplace hazards, including cut, abrasion, and chemical risks, and helping to protect workers in Facilities, Maintenance, and Battery Assembly applications so that they can perform their jobs safely in this fast-growing sector of Automotive production.

Solving Complex, Multi-hazard Safety Issues With Battery Production


Innovation in battery technology is evolving and delivering rapid capacity expansion to serve the increasing demand for EVs. This has created new, unique and complex safety challenges, with workers requiring protection from multiple hazards.

A leading European EV battery innovator and manufacturer specialised in lithium-ion technology required a thorough revision of their safety needs to ensure worker protection against chemical, thermal and electrical shock hazards.

Leveraging AnsellGUARDIAN risk assessment-based PPE selection methodology and supported by our Chemical Technical Expert Team on an ongoing basis, this EV battery technology leader has selected AlphaTec®, MICROFLEX® and ActivArmr® PPE product solutions to ensure worker safety and protection.

Year in review

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Commencement of an $80m investment over the next three years for a new manufacturing site in Tamil Nadu, southern India. The facility will be designed and built in line with Indian Green Building Council criteria and have the capability to produce a wide range of products, with an initial focus on surgical and life science gloves for the Indian domestic market and for export.

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Ansell was awarded a silver medal by EcoVadis based on reporting data for FY21, placing it in top 25% of all companies assessed and the top 6% of manufacturers within our applicable industry1.

1. EcoVadis classified Ansell in “other manufacturing n.e.c. (nowhere else classified)” industry.

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Ansell has committed to science-based reduction targets for Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions that would see the Company achieve Net Zero by 2040 for its own operations. This is supported by a mid-term target of a 42% reduction by 2030, from a FY20 baseline. Ansell will focus on long-term decarbonisation efforts within its own operations, prior to exploring investment in credible and high-quality offsets to address any limited residual emissions (less than 10%).

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Inteliforz™, our newest brand, is focused on connected workplace safety solutions that empower front-line associates and safety leaders to “See Beyond the Obvious™” to prevent injuries before they happen. Commercially, Inteliforz™ was successfully deployed at a large multinational corporation with trials underway at a number of other companies. Significant brand and thought leadership progress has been achieved, including securing a sponsorship role and advisory council seat with the National Safety Council MSD Pledge, aimed at reducing occupational musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) injuries by 25% by 2025.

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Redesigned sales and operations planning process with a strong focus on improving customer service levels. This innovative approach is supported by an overhaul of data architecture and planning systems and with the objective to move Ansell to a leading position in supply chain capability.


We are passionate about protecting people, setting ourselves ambitious goals to transform our company and to protect sustainably both employees and the environment we live in. Ansell has put sustainability at the heart of its business with our purpose: thinking of people and planet first.



The industry Ansell operates in, and the location of many of our operations and suppliers, expose us to higher risks of labour exploitation. Ansell is committed to respecting human rights and will not tolerate conditions of modern slavery. These are complex, systemic issues, and as a market leader Ansell is acting to promote high labour standards across our operations, supply chain and the wider industry.



In July 2022, we announced an ambitious decarbonisation strategy which will see Ansell achieve Net Zero by 2040 for our own operations. This long-term reduction target is supported by a science-based mid-term target of 42% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030, from a FY20 baseline, in line with the ambitions of the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Ansell will focus on long-term decarbonisation efforts within its own operations, prior to exploring investing in credible and high-quality off-sets to address any limited residual emissions (less than 10%).



During FY22 we accelerated the integration of Design for Sustainability principles into our innovation and product processes, incorporating data derived from life cycle assessments and customers’ needs. We also finalized our packaging pledge and accomplished significant projects to eliminate, reduce and replace packaging material during the year.